with sunshine and laughter

♥ 20. abdl. daddy's girl. ♥
{about me};; i love pink, princess, glitter, cupcakes, sparkles, disney, hello kitty, harry potter, star wars, pixar, dreamworks, rugrats, little mermaid, dinosaurs, cats, vintage, stickers, rapunzel, roses, unicorns, books, coloring, stuffies, dresses, abdl, ddlg, sunshine, and laughter. this blog reveals to you my innermost desires, secrets, wishes, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. if you wish to add me on fetlife, send me a message!

I have a Daddy of my own, and he is everything from dreamy to Prince Charming and contains the amazing qualities of all that are in between. I love Him so incredibly much and am thankful to have Him in my life. NFSW18+! Check out Daddy's Blog: http://tigermedic1.tumblr.com/
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